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Immersive contemporary dance performance comes to Southside

At Southside we have a real variety of performers showcasing their talent. From musicians to yoga practitioners, we encourage artists of all genres to work with us. Last week we hosted an exciting new event which we hope will attract more work of the same kind in the future.

We welcomed Lincoln-based dancer Sophie Fleming to Southside to perform her work Slumpesqué: ‘Ferality in Bloom’. Sophie trained at Leeds Beckett University before emerging as a dance artist, creating and performing unique contemporary pieces.

Sophie’s choreography is inspired by ‘the art of making do’, highlighting the beauty in the everyday. Many contemporary artists like Sophie find art in all aspects of daily life and use it to stimulate their creative minds. Sophie is no different. Slumpesqué is a nod to artists in their early 20s and it acknowledges the continual balancing act between the childlike mind and adulthood.

Slumpesqué allowed audience members to become immersed in movement, sound and projection while sitting in the round in our Victorian grade II listed space. The blend of bright colours, interesting props and compelling movement made for a great show.

We love having artists come and bring their visions to life in our space and we are looking forward to welcoming more creatives, including Sophie, in the future!

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