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The Vestry Recording Studio | Southside Lincoln

It Starts Here...

Making records straight out of a church vestry, we offer a wide range of professional audio recording and production services to suit your project requirements.

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Our newly constructed recording studio is fully equipped with the latest industry standard technology and acoustic treatment to provide you with the optimal space for recording music.  We offer live multi-tracking and isolated instrument layering to suit your needs.


Let us take your music to the next level with our mixing services. Whether you've recorded with us or on your own, we're experienced and equipped to jump in at any stage and help you realise the potential of your track.

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Music Equipment


The last step in the production line, the final touches. In our audio suite, we will refine the frequency and stereo balance to optimise your song for playback across all platforms, and get it ready to release.

Let's Produce Your Next Single

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